Weekend Happiness

My life got really busy somehow in the last weeks, even my university started last week. Classes, training, working and dog’s school is not easy together. I felt tired… sure that climbing/training weekend in Vienna was as needed as water, but I wasn’t in the best mood. Tired both physically and mentally. I was trying to survive until Thursday, when we were heading to Stuttgart. I was really excited to leave this busy world behind me and simply just enjoy the best event of the year. However, what I was looking forward the most was to meet all those missed people.

In August, I’ve spent a few days with my coach Vladek, and trained with Jara, Natalie, Rebekka a bit in Zürich, just before the Bouldering World Cup in Münich. Till that I got long distance online coaching, but basically we didn’t know each other. Since those days in Zürich I still get online coaching with a bittersweet taste, cause the distance feels more when you are friends. As a sensitive person it can be really hard on some days, but I am glad and thankful that I have such a sleepless coach, like Vladek.

The GORE-TEX Be a Rockstar boulder jam was on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a proper warm-up, but the happiness of being there was helping a lot. I knew that there were really strong girls, like Rebekka, but honestly this time I didn’t care about others (if you know me you know it is a really rare thing!). All I wanted was to enjoy and try my best on the 8 boulders. The problems were perfect, hard, but fun. 2 of them were really hard for me, but somehow managed to reach the top on them. It was such an incredible experience when I heard Natalie and Petra (Bouldering World Champion) screaming betas to me. I had to stop for a moment and made sure… yes, I could clearly hear my name they were really talking to me. 😀 I felt so special like I am in the team. Thank you girls!

There was a jump I couldn’t do… so I know my homework. I was happy, it was unexpected and actually it turned out a close round with Rebekka, she won the wildcard! So, Rebekka, Ajda and I qualified for Build Your Boulder final!

Shortly, after climbing Vladek came to me back in the Athlete Lounge and told me he was proud of me. Probably, it was the most touching moment of the weekend for me. I haven’t heard it often in my life, so I was very happy to make my coach happy and proud!

The Build Your Boulder final was on Saturday afternoon. We got the walls and our setting partners by draw. I got the wall No. 6 and Romain Desgranges as a partner. I was happy to team up with him. He tried his best by helping me.


Unfortunately, I got totally exhausted. I’ve never felt something like this before… headache, nausea, cold shivers, but I still felt happy cause it was an incredible experience, I tried my best as long as my body wanted me to do so. I was completely done. Ajda won it, Rebekka 2nd, I became 3rd. It was fun for sure!

I wasn’t feeling good, but made it back to the Arena to watch Adidas Rockstars finals. It didn’t disappoint, such a show! You had to watch really carefully, otherwise you might miss Tomoa’s superboulder climb! Amazing! 😀

Two years ago I took part in the GORE-TEX Be a Rockstar too. That was also a great competition, but impossible to compare with this year’s experience. It was mind-blowing! What’s the difference? Probably me, I feel less like a weirdo, and getting more into this fascinating climbing community, where you can share some words with people, or give/get a smile, a hug, a high five. So unique!

Thank you for everyone who made this weekend so special!

Definitely looking forward to NEXT time!



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