New wind, new start, new goals

‘I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream.’ (Vincent Van Gogh)


A few weeks ago, I had a rest week, I did other sports, like squash; and it was so different to watch a competition and not take part in it.

I had a long season and I feel that I really needed this week to recharge after a lot of training, climbing and unfortunately I also had some not so serious, but more frustrating injuries during the year.

In the summer I went to Rocklands, South Africa, with my boyfriend Tibi and Zoli. We spent there 3 and a half amazing weeks. I’ve met great people, new places. It was so peaceful, with beautiful sunsets, and really dark nights with the Milky Way. We stayed at the campsite, close to the nature. We climbed a lot, and on the rest days we tried to discover some other places. For example, we hiked up to the Table Mountain, visited Cape Point, checked some penguins at the Boulders Beach, saw some baboons. I’ve never felt this freedom before. It was really sad to come home, and definitely 3 and a half weeks are not enough for Rocklands. I had a big challenge during almost the all trip. I injured my left knee, and due to this injury I couldn’t make a heel hook with it. First, I was sad, but then it became more like a challenge, how to solve problems without my favourite heel hooks. My right toe hook technic developed a lot. 🙂 It was a kind of fun.

The boulders I’ve sent:

  • Macho King 7C+
  • Caroline 7C+
  • An Amal Roof 7C
  • Black Spider 7C (flash)
  • Un petit Hueco dans Rocklands 7B+ (f)
  • The Rhino 7B+ (2nd)
  • Panic Room Direct 7B (f)
  • The Potato Problem 7B (f)
  • Lolita 7B (f)
  • Question of Balance 7B (2nd)

10641144_10153080985242858_4671196097109269883_n  1467338_10153089657862858_8452169491696253651_n  P1010144   P1010521  P1010469  IMG_9403  P1010234

Then I had a national boulder cup, and after it, I went to Café Kraft to get more Kraft. 🙂 8 days of training camp. I had a nice time, it was too hot there, but the gym is air-conditioned, so I could train a lot and swim at the beach to cool down a bit. On a sunny Saturday, I had an amazing and really motivating training partner, Mayan Smith-Gobat. Here is a video of our training:

And the top of everything, I became a member of The Café Kraft Team. It is a huge honor. It was awesome to have Café Kraft as a home.


I took part in the World Cup in Munich. I felt much stronger than last year, but still unexperienced on big events.

I went to Magic Wood in the end of August with Tibi, my brother András and Zoli. The rain was really frustrating and unfortunately I injured my right index finger, and I couldn’t crimp this small crimp of Down Under anymore. I was disappointed and angry. But we met 2 great guys from Brazil, Davi and Linha. 🙂

IMG_9586  IMG_9818  IMG_9470

During the autumn I visited the Café Kraft 2 times. The 2nd time I had a training camp again. I had the chance to touch some rock at  Bärenschlucht with Dicki. I haven’t climbed with a harness on for a really long time. I got pumped, but so pumped.. I tried to train as much as I could, and I had a great training partner, Davi. Training partners are so important, you can motivate each other during the hard days, when you feel really tired and not too happy about the hangboard day. One day, I was totally tired, but Hannes came and spoke about his projects for the next year. He was super happy and positive. His motivation just sticked on me and I woke up, and did a killer hangboard with Davi. This is how it works at Café Kraft, in the heart of the Frankenjura. Thanks again for everything, and for the place to stay, Hotel Frankenjura! 🙂


This year I won the Hungarian National Boulder Championship again.

I took part in the 10th Autopolis Vertigo Open in Bratislava, and became 3rd. I was horrible in the qualis (I couldn’t sleep the night before and had some stomach problems), but I really enjoyed the final problems.

After all of these, I decided to have to take a week rest, before starting my new training plan.

Now, I am training hard, I think harder than ever before since almost 3 weeks (it has a 4 week periodisation). I have 5 trainings a week, I feel totally tired at the moment, lack of skin (Monkey Fist addict). Sometimes I feel so broken in the morning, but I know that I have my goal, I am committed to it. And of course, I am really interested in the result. The sweat, the time, the devotion. It pays off. 😉

Thanks to my sponsors, 3rd Rock, Boreal, Café Kraft and Monkey Fist for all the support this year! And also to my family, Tibi and my friend, Davi!


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