Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.

(Theodore Roosevelt)

It has been a long time, since I didn’t write here. However, the life didn’t stop. Now, it’s 2015. I feel much stronger than a year ago. Physically and mentally too. For me 2014 was the year of changes. After the last Hungarian boulder cup in October, I felt totally tired of competing. I was disappointed in the Hungarian competition system, despite I won the National Boulder Championship. With this sweet sour taste in my mouth, I decided to not take part in lead comps, just focus on training. I felt broken, needed to take some time and I wanted to come back stronger. During the last months training became my shelter. I found a nice, motivated team to work with. It is fun together, even on the hardest training days as we help each other. And it’s highly motivating to see the other’s performance from my group. Zoli ran a half-marathon even on the coldest day, with this he kicked my ass to go out and run if it’s cold or not. It works!


We went to the Café Kraft in the end of October, for a long weekend. I missed everybody from there a lot. I was so happy to hug Dicki, Alex and my friends once again. I met Ben Rueck, I heard a lot about him. It was fun to climb with him a red problem. So friendly! I am always sad when I leave a place where I found happiness, and I still don’t know when I can go back. Hopefully soon!

I had a great semester at the uni. I did all my exams. And the practice at the psychiatric department was great with my Nigerian girls. It is such a nice feeling to hear when a suicide patient thanks you to bring some cheer and smile into their lieves. Helping people in need is awesome!


If you remember I had a bet with Charlie, who will make one arm pull up earlier. I won it two days before it turned to 2015. I wasn’t train for it, I just tried how it is. I was in the end of my training plan and I did something I’ve never done before. Good sign!

In January, I started my training plan again, it will end in May. I am really curious about the result, because this time I could start from a higher base than ever.

This year I would like to take part in some serious competitions and spend more time climbing outside. Next summer I’m going to The Rocklands, South Africa with Tibi!!! I’m so excited! I haven’t travelled that far for a really long time. Finally, I will see my friends, Charlie and Tim there! I just can’t wait. I have to sleep 137 nights more..

Until that I continue training, studying and trying to follow my dreams.

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