The summer is over!

Any idea how to go back in time?
Part I
On the 7th of July evening I arrived home after a really special touching and magical trip. It was one of the best times in my life. Maybe it sounds cliché, but just imagine: you travel a lot, meet your friends and new friends, climbing, having fun. What else do you need? Emotions to the brim. I was a bit sad that this time passed, but curious about the next! ☺On the 26th of June morning, I was so excited to return to Nürnberg by a train & bus combination. It was my second time at Café Kraft. And the miracle happened again! ☺
I spent 11 awesome days there, I trained at Café Kraft. Thank you, Hannes and Reto for everything! And everyone from Café Kraft! ☺
And I got the chance to go to the Frankenjura with the most motivating and supporting team I’ve ever had. Mayan, Dicki and Alex, you are the best! Thank you for these days! You made me so happy and honestly, I felt like I am home. I miss you!
I am so happy to have a summer like this! I travelled a lot; meet my friends and new ones, lot of new experiences, and fun. Maybe it is a bit late, but all the memories in my mind are as clear as, they’ve just happened…
I think it would be too long to write about everything. A lot of thing happened to me there. We climbed a lot of course. But I went to a festival with Dicki and his family, and supported Dicki and Patrick on a 10 km running race. Dicki was so fast! Congratulations! We went there by bike…Can you imagine how hard is to ride a bike in a mini leather skirt? After this experience, I can tell you, it’s really hard. ☺ But I felt like it’s the best choice for the night for a rock concert. And yes in the end of the concert, even I was jumping a bit! But Dicki, his wife and their friends were dancing really cool. There is always something to learn! ☺ Dicki always brings the sunshine into my life! Such a happy night!!!I had an awesome training session with Achim at Café Kraft. After it we had a massive muscle strain. He is so friendly and helpful; even I got a giant cookie, after a long day. I bet on that Achim would get the „Our best worker 2014” award, if there was one. Or Lena… ☺It was the first time, when I saw how a real climbing movie is made. They told me all the ingredients what you need:
•       Interviews
•       Climbing
•       and some bugs ☺This day also I studied the most important thing. Always look good! Dicki was so happy when he saw Alex’s cool red pants and yellow T-shirt. Dicki said it took a long time (years), but finally, it worths it. Really stylish. Geil.We had a cool barbecue together at Alex; He is the master of BBQ. ☺On the next day Alex and Mayan took me to Leupoldstein. Such a great day! If Mayan simply just works. Alex were laying on the top of the rock, watched down and helped me from there. Maximal support! It’s not possible to give more! Thank you! Or even so..Alex taught me a faster and simpler knot. ☺I had one rest day during the 11 days. I went to the Doku Zentrum. Impressive museum! It really worths to visit if you are in Nürnberg. I found quite interesting The Nürnberg Trials. In the evening Alex took me to the theatre to watch his sister. It was funny… I don’t speak german..but it was a comedy, so mostly I got it. ☺ It was fun, thank you for the invitation Alex!On the days when I couldn’t go to climb outside. For example, Dicki went to Imst to the Paraclimbing World Cup. Or Alex went to his sister’s Abibal. Or I just missed the meeting with Mayan and Alex because of a 50 minutes delay of the train. I was angry! :S So on those days, I went to Café Kraft, the best place for training. Great opportunities and the best is that you can always find motivated guys to train with.

Dicki sent me this pic with Andris (the only Hungarian paraclimber) from Imst

On my last day I wanted to see my friends one more time. I went to climb with Alex. It was a pleasure to belay him on one of his projects. Then Dicki and Mayan arrived. Finally! And I met Felix Neumarker. I don’t know how they feel but for me surely the happiest climbing day!I spent my last night at Alex and his family, also Felix stayed there. Alex and Felix together are unbelievable funny. Monday I had a really early bus, at 5:45. Alex took me to the bus station, and he didn’t let me to carry my luggage. He is absolutely a gentleman! I cannot be glad enough!!Somehow leaving Nürnberg seems the hardest for me. How did I feel? Like a hurricane in my head, all the feelings were turning around. I had a big fight with my tears.. I watched up to the sky, tried to calm down. No, impossible. The feeling enchanted me. I lost the fight.. I cried. What a crazy fairy tale?Thank you all my friends, for all the support, for place to sleep, and for everything I got. You made me really happy!!! ☺
I just can’t wait to see you again!
Part II
I just spent 2 days at home. Then I was on my way again. This time with Tibi and the destination was Magic Wood. Second time this year! ☺ We were really excited to meet our friends from Wales, Charlie and Tim!Magic Wood was wet, so the next day we went to Chironico with a quite big and crazy group. Charlie said that we should try Powerstrips (7C). It is with a quite crimpy beginning and a really high slabby top out. You know, a kind of boulder when you think, ok I did the crux, you feel happy, but then you realize it’s so high and that tree behind your back is really close… maybe too close… Simply just scary! But we did it! ☺ Huge respect to Charlie! Once she did the crux, she was at the scary-slabby top out part and she got panic (Tim helped her… like Romeo… just climbed up on the tree and saved her… Was so romantic! And after this frightening try, she tried again and did it. What fortitude! It was her first 7C, congrats! We were so happy!

Powerstrips (7C)

In the end of this day we wanted to check one more boulder, Autopilot 7B. Nice roof problem with a double heel hook. It was totally dark in the forest; we saw some lighting flies, so beautiful. Gracie sent Autopilot! ☺  My heel slipped off and I landed just next to the pad on the rock with my tibia. Was so painful, bloody and scary! I got some antiseptic tissue from Gracie, thank you! Charlie and I decided to come back to this one on another day!Next day we stayed at Magic Wood, mostly I just checked around, how it is, a lot of things were wet still. I was happy to flash The Mummy (7B). At the end of the day, we joined Charlie, Tim, Linda, Niels and Jack for a dinner. For the restaurant we had to cross a quite high mountain with full of turns and cows. ☺ And what did we find on the other side? Italy! Montespluga, and a friendly Italian restaurant next to a lake. So pretty place! And the best Italian food so far! It was the ‘Good bye-dinner’ of Charlie and Tim. We ate almost everything… pizza, ice cream, coffee, maybe too much, but I was really happy that night!

On the way to Montespluga, the best place to eat a pizza

Then, on the last day of Charlie and Tim, we went back to Chronico. We did some warm up, and then went for Autopilot. Charlie did it easily! But my right heel wasn’t fit for that small place. And in bad times you can see who your friend is. Charlie offered me her right shoe. And guess what? I did Autopilot with this combination of shoes. ☺ Thank you! After this we tried Selection Door 7A, really nice problem with a reach move but I did it with my ‘long’ left arm! 😉
Charlie and I bet on who is going to make a one arm pull up earlier. Don’t forget it Charlie!!! ☺
Charlie and I bet on who is going to make a one arm pull up earlier. Don’t forget it Charlie!!! ☺
On Monday our friends left. However I was really excited, cause my brother came with a group of young Hungarian guys!
We had 3 great climbing days together. My brother and our friend Zoli climbed Jack the chipper (7C).
Tibi bought a small grill for 5 euros before the trip… and it worked very well. We had a really tasty dinner… finally not pasta!Next day, we climbed just next to Zilliman (a cool 7A), Waldbrand 7C. My brother, András and I did it on second try. I felt really happy.
In the end of the day we refreshed ourselves in the river. Was so damn cold! But you know, in a big group it is getting more fun and challenge than a freezing nightmare. And the feeling after this cold refreshing water is priceless. You feel clean, fresh like a rebirth.On the last day we were suffering from lack of skin. Fortunately we found Minisex 7C in the forest, looked like a really cool problem! And yes, it was so much fun. Technical problem in a roof and you need to dance around with your feet, with a toe hook and a top out. I did it in 4 tries (my brother also) and the only point was to concentrate on your left biceps, so I was speaking to it in my mind: ‘Come on, hold me!’ It worked! ☺
After Minisex I tried Piranha but couldn’t do the big move… and I finished for this day. But my brother did Intermezzo 7C on his second try.


We spent nice days in Magic Wood but it was time to leave to France. However we would like to go back as soon as possible.So we continued our trip in L’Argentière-la-Bessée. We stayed in a camping which had a warm shower too. Luxury! ☺
On Sunday we climbed in Freissinières. Soma found a quite short 7A+ with a small roof. It was a quite tricky one, it was fun to climb with him. And you know when you are with a group of young guys… they have a lot of (sometimes too much) jokes. Like here this No Name  7a+ after a misunderstanding became 7 anus… Got it? ☺
In the evening, we went to watch the finals of the Lead World Cup in Briancon. We were there, but the weather didn’t let it happen. The rain and hail washed the competition away. We were disappointed, and really without dry clothes or shoes… after it the hot tea was so good in the tent.
I watched the European Youth Bouldering Cup in L’Argentiére. My brother was a bit unlucky; he fell from the top on 3 problems. Our friend, David Firnenburg climbed very well in the qualification round. After it he said to us: He is going to flash all the 4 final problems. Guess what? He did it!! Amazing performance! ☺

My Bro’

Later we took part in the open competition, Tout A Blocs with a lot of boulders. Unfortunately I got a bit injured. My left elbow moved into the wrong way. So I visited the physiotherapist’s tent, just next to the boulder wall. He said my body and my muscles are dehydrated, all I should do: Drink and Relax! Next time I should be more careful, and drink enough! However I had a big fight with boulder 22, I fell from the top 3 times. The crowd was amazing, and Christopher, the speaker said if I do it, he will give me a beer. This way I got it:
It was a nice trip, but time to go home! ☺
Part III
In the end of August, one of the biggest climbing events came. The IFSC Bouldering World Championship in Munich!
Last year, I decided to take part in it because I saw my brother’s pictures from a youth cup with the national T-shirt and my memories came to my mind. Old times, good times!I went there with Tibi. I was impressed. Such a serious and huge event! I had no expectations! I just wanted to participate as the only Hungarian. It was a good experience. I learnt a lot. Bouldering developed a lot in the last few years. It became more acrobatic, dynamic and much more spectacular, with a lot of volumes, jumps and compression climbing. Looks like fun. Actually it is, but so hard if you don’t have volumes, and experience in this kind of bouldering. I felt really amateur. I think if you are a top boulder competitor, you need all the power: strength, endurance, explosive power, body tension and practice a lot this special kind of bouldering. The venue and the crowd were amazing! During the competition, you could buy special CAC (Climbers Against Cancer) T-shirts to support a good cause, also I got one from Tibi. It was a real pleasure to see the power of this huge crowd! John Ellison, founder of CAC, was so touched by the crowd’s support during the Climbers Against Cancer donation of €13333 to cancer research, just before the finals. ☺ Emotional moments! In the isolation zone I met Sean McColl, after a really long time. He was friendly and asked me about my future plans, if I will start competing again or not. Great question! I think boulder world cups are hard when you don’t have the best opportunities. However I enjoyed the competition, so I want to give it a try. I will train smart with these possibilities, as Dicki said: ‘Train smart, climb hard!’ I won’t cry more about what I don’t have. I am glad about my life; I think it is a really special and awesome one!
In addition, a few Hungarian boulder gyms developed with different kind of training equipments and also they just got some triangle volumes. I am excited about the future! After Munich we went to Follonica, Italy. To relax, take some sun, and swim in the sea.
On our way back to Hungary, we stopped in Vienna. I had a special meeting with Ognian from Boreal. I haven’t seen him for a really long time! And the times when we met were priceless. So, simply I was just excited. We went for a nice boulder session to Boulderbar, and then for a lunch. It was so nice to see him again! And I just can’t wait to try the new Boreal climbing shoes! I have a special connection with Boreal. I got my first climbing shoes as a Christmas present, a pair of Boreal Stinger. Since that time (2000), I only climb in Boreal shoes. And I am proud to be a member of the Boreal Team.
Now, I am back in Hungary. It’s September, so time to study and train as well! But I wish everyone such an intensive, emotional and happy summer like I had! ☺

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