When your dream becomes true or even more..

Everything started with an e-mail to Café Kraft. Then I was sitting on the bus, heading to Nürnberg. It took 11 hours to get there. Fortunately, my friend, Dezső came to pick me up at the middle of the night. Dezső and Ramona let me to stay with them at Roth, thanks!! I arrived at 02.30, and I had a meeting with Dicki Korb, one of the authors of Gimme Kraft! book. I could sleep only 3 hours, but I was super excited and I decided to try to do my best.I was at Café Kraft around 10, so I had 1 hour untill the meeting. When I entered into Café Kraft, I just walked around and I couldn’t believe my eyes, it’s just huge and amazing.And then Dicki came. First he thought, I am from Bulgaria, I really don’t know why, but it was funny. I had amazing time with Dicki. He has a huge heart and inexhaustible amount of jokes. 🙂 I think the best thing in Dicki is that he knows a lot of exercises, but he also has a special personality. He really wants to help you. He gives his heart with the useful exercises and tips, too. For me, the best thing was that I was not alone anymore with my training. He was there, just next to me, he pushed me, and supported my low self confidence. He believes in me. After that I was just happy, and started to think positive about myself. I guess there is no better word for this feeling, simply just PRICELESS.I trained 3 days at Café Kraft before Magic Wood. In these days I met a lot of new friends, Ramona, who smiled a lot, and her rats (Amy, Réka). Achim and almost all the workers of Café Kraft. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

Amy (Ramona’s rat) and Tibi

I had the chance to climb with Mayan, we worked on a black travers, it was cool. She is a really nice person. And I mean nice inside and outside, cause she has a good heart and a lot of amazing, colorful clothes. 🙂 It was quite motivating to climb together. I’m happy to meet her, and I hope to see her soon!I met Hannes and Reto, they are awesome!! I got a really cool box of gifts, and the chance to train here more in the future. THANK YOU FOR ALL! 🙂
After these unbelievable days at Café Kraft, I went with Tibi to Magic Wood. The weather was so cold (-4 degrees at night), but I got a really warm jumper from Ramona, I guess, it saved my life. Thanks again!
Magic Wood was my first real outdoor boulder trip. I went there without expectations. I just wanted to have fun and enjoy climbing. I was still under the feelings, that I got from Dicki and Café Kraft. Magic Wood was beautiful, even with the half wolf-dog. 🙂 I climbed a lot and met new people there, too. My favourite couple from Wales, Charlie and Tim. We spent really nice days together. And a special thanks to Charlie to show me nice boulders. Like La Boume de Luxe (7b) with the sharp spike, and specially for Exclusive (7b). Even I didn’t want to climb that day, because of my shoulder pain, but it looked so cool, when Charlie climbed it. 🙂 Charlie and Tim showed us how to make perfect MARSHMALLOW. Such a great night!

Marshmallow night
For one day we were 6. Charlie, Tim, Tom, Tim (actually Timothy), Tibi and me. This was the funniest day in Magic Wood. We climbed a lot, and Timothy asked our names all day long, between every blocks; Hi Tim, I am Nóra, I am 23 years old. We did the really high Blue Sky of Mine. Tim’s shoe fell into the deepest hole of a hole, then Tim fell into a hole (Don’t worry, he is fine!), we had a lot of fun, and this day we tried Jack the chipper (7c) together. I liked it, it starts with a long shouldery move to the left. I felt that I can do it, I was close, but I got tired. However, I really wanted to do it, so it was my first real project in my life. 🙂
We had some rainy days, so we visited Lago di Lei with Tibi. For me it was beautiful, for Tibi scary. 🙂 And unfortunately Charlie and Tim went home. 🙁 I was a bit sad, but we will meet again, I am sure!
I met David Firnenburg, he is so strong and so friendly. While we climbed together, I learnt these:
·      body-tension
·      explosive-power
·      just go for it
·      how to get the best friction 🙂
·      and that we need to warm up for jumping down 🙂
We warmed up together, climbed a slab, jump down, then a 7a+ travers, and then I was ready to try Jack the chipper again. After David’s siesta, I did it! I was so happy 🙂 Thanks to Tibi and David for the support! We lost David’s red tape, there was a serious investigation (Detective Tibi checked his videos). Guess, where was the red tape?  It was really deep in a hole. What a surprise! :)We decided to leave Magic Wood after 10 days, cause the weather forecast said more rainy days. I had a lot of new experiences about bouldering outside, and I have more new friends. I have new records: Jack the chipper, and that I didn’t have a real shower for 10 days, but I’m not too proud of the 2nd one. :)So, we went back to Café Kraft. 4 more days to train there, woohoo! It was a pleasure to meet Dicki’s family. Also Mayan was there again, I met Melissa le Nevé and Alex Megos. They were really friendly, too. There was no chance to climb with Alex, he climbed too fast :), all the sienna (the hardest) boulders in one hour, and in the next hour all the reds (hard). He said that he is just a man. I really don’t know, maybe from an other planet. Amazing performance! 🙂
During these 4 days we climbed a lot, almost all of us was destroyed somehow, but I enjoyed it so much. For me Café Kraft is much more than a huge boulder gym, it’s like a huge family. We had a lot of fun together, we had new ideas. For example, about Dicki’s new books: Gimme Balance, Gimme Flexibility, Gimme Hot Pants or Gimme Food. :)I got much more than I could ever imagine, maybe that’s why I cried a bit when I left Café Kraft. These were the tears of happiness! 🙂 I really don’t like to say goodbye.Thank you for all these amazing feelings! Thank you, Dicki, Café Kraft, and all of my new friends! I just can’t wait to come back and see you again! 🙂

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