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Eyes on the prize

When I started my new training schedule in November with a new coach, Davi June seemed really far. But here we go, it’s June! During these months I tried to focus on my one and only goal, Rocklands and train for it as hard as I can. I have to tell you it wasn’t as easy as it

In the beginning I was really excited and happy that I have a good plan. I started to see how fast my finger strength and my general performance improved.

Even there was a month when I had to do a lot of physical and mental exercises (like visualization) but not really climbing. That was a really hard month mentally. In February I started to feel that my body is very tired. I got some tendon injury in my palm, it hurt a bit but I continued climbing and training with a big awareness. I changed my grip position and I couldn’t feel the pain in my palm. But cause of this unusual grip position I got climber’s elbow (~golfer’s elbow). I taped it and it was good. I continued training and climbing but really carefully. If I felt the move is not good I didn’t force it.

This time my motivation was down. I was worried that I can get even more injured. I was sad and disappointed. Maybe I am not able to train hard… I felt I really need something to move on and see the light in the end of the tunnel.

In March my brothers, Zoli, Tibi and I went to an outdoor adventure, to boulder a week in Chironico and Cresciano. I had no real expectations since I had injuries. I was surprised but really happy to see that my fingers are much stronger. I had a great time there with a good company. Even on the last day I could send Komilator (7C+), which one I couldn’t do last year. It gave me back the hope that I am in a good direction.

In April I made a quick decision to take part in the first stage of the Bouldering World Cup Cirquit in Meiringen. You know, these big events always has a very special feeling. Surprisingly, this time I felt much more belonging there, competing with the strongest and best athletes in the world. It was a great experience to finally not feeling like a stranger. In the past I had problems with my confidence but in Meiringen I had real fun during the hard qualification. I was still unexperienced but brave enough to make the first step out of my comfort zone on a big event. Probably the friendly athmosphere in Meiringen helped me a lot. I felt that it was a big achevement. Progress! 😊

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In the end of the month I had a trip to Siurana, Spain. Yes I climbed with rope for the first time of the year… There was a photoshoot with 3rd Rock for the next spring/summer’s collection. I’ve never met the 3rd Rock team before but I had a strong feeling that they must be really good people. They were really over of my imagination. We had a great time together.  Despite I am a boulderer I still had fun on long routes. One day we went to Margalef, it was amazing with all the pockets. Even I got injured there on my big toe (thanks Jerome for handling the situation 😊), I loved that place and really thinking to go back to Margalef once again. I just can’t wait the next trip with you, guys!


After this I spent 5 days in Barcelona, mostly with Cristina and Gerard. Also Tibi came for the weekend. The city is beautiful and amazing with all the narrow streets, small shops, tapas bars and probably the best ice cream in my life. However, it seems like a holiday I trained hard with Gerard and other strong local guys. Gerard’s training was totally different and new for me. His strategy was to keep saying there is just uno más exercise, but that exercise took 1 more hour. I was so exhausted that I barely could eat with forks and knives but I was happy. One day we visited the Sharma Climbing gym all together, even Jessica, Guy and the cutest baby, Oren came. All in all, Barcelona was stunning. Huge thanks to Cristina, Gerard and the 3 cats who made it more special!


When I was back I felt great, full of motivation. I continued the hard trainings and everything went well. I felt in a good shape and good mind.

In the end of May I planned to go to Café Kraft and focus on more training. Unfortunately before the trip I got ill. However I wanted to go to Nürnberg. So after a challanging night train journey with refugies and a massive almost 2 hours delay, I arrived to Café Kraft. I spent there a week and got back in shape quite fast. The 45er Magnum set by Alex Megos was great! If you want to get strong it is perfect for body tension and also for finger strenght. And you can always find there some company, new young titans or even Patrick, one of the Gimme Kraft coaches. Different people, but the goal is the same… To get more KRAFT. And these guys are psyched which is quite sticky. Last evening the staff of Café Kraft had a Bbq, they also invited me. It was a great last evening for me! Thank you Café Kraft, Hannes, Pino, Reto and everybody there for making it possible! And special thanks to Kai and Marc for everything! See all of you next time.

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So this is how my journey was till June. Now I am sitting at home, packing and trying to not forget anything home. It is so unreal that we are going to Rocklands today. I am really excited. I think I did almost everything I could, even some diet. I feel ready and definitely stronger than last year. Rocklands here we come! 😊


The final countdown

 „The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” Oprah Winfreyberryjam.ruКак бороться с недобросовестными вебмастерами. КейсИзготовление зеркал: простота и низкая себестоимос…


Tomorrow, we are going to Rocklands, South Africa! Finally! During the last months, I was training a lot, I took part some competitions too.



I became a proud ambassador of 3rd Rock, it’s an eco activewear brand. 🙂


Adidas Boulder Cup at the Aupark in Bratislava. I like this competition in the shopping centre, even Sasha Digiulian visited it and made a presentation on Saturday evening. Friendly, helpful people, I love competing in Slovakia. I finished 2nd and won the duel competition. My brother made also final. 🙂 First time I had Boreal Satori on my feet, and I could hardly believe how small holds I used with them. Imagine how small if I couldn’t hold it with my nails. Unfortunately, I strained my ankle in the qualification round at this move:


I didn’t take it serious enough and that’s why the next 2 months were annoying. After some climbing it became painful, purple, and couldn’t wear my climbing shoes any longer.



Our training group, AKA „Izomagyak”, went back to Café Kraft for more Kraft (power).We had a freezing time during the nights in the camping, even it was snowing when we packed our tent. We trained, climbed, had a lot of fun, and finally I met Dicki and his family too. 🙂 Nürnberg is full of history, I am always shocked by it. The Congress Hall, incredibly monumental building, like the Colosseum in Rome… I went there with my brother and our friend Dávid (while Tibi and Zoli ran around the lake). Usually we are having fun and joking, but walking into such a historic monumental building… deep silence, respect for the history and architecture.


Next weekend, the first Hungarian Boulder Cup, Monkey Maraton. It was very well organised with a lot of volumes and tricky problems. I felt strong, confident and happy that I was the only girl, who topped the slab problem in the final. I won the competition and a really cool mokey shaped cup. 🙂 It was nice to win in the home gym!


One week later, the next Hungarian Boulder Cup in Kecskemét: I was happy to compete with Laura, the 18 years old Hungarian queen of crossfit, after a long time. We spoke a lot about her training and diet. It was very motivating and inspiring! Respect!



I spent a long training weekend with Tibi and Zoli in Munich. We visited both Boulderwelts there. 🙂

I took part in the European Bouldering Championship in Innsbruck. This city is beautiful! I met the first 3rd Rock ambassador, Valeri Kremer, she is such a nice person. She supported me a lot, thank you Valeri, also for the pictures! 🙂


I was not happy with my performance. It was frustrating to be the last starter on the list. 🙂 On the 3rd boulder bad luck came with a pretty shouldery  move or maybe my shoulder is not strong enough, and I forced it still… In the end, at the last problem I was not able to lift my left hand above my shoulder. I was so disappointed, angry, frustrated, and sad! I needed some time to deal with all these feelings.




Gi Boulder Jam, the 3rd Hungarian Cup. It took place at the Margaret Island, in heart of Budapest, great place, but it was too hot to enjoy our qualification round. It was more about surviving the heat. There was 2 hours delay with the finals, but it was better for us, cause the air cooled down a bit. The final was real fun climbing, I flashed all the boulders and won the competition. 🙂 My brother finished 2nd at men’s category. I wished my parents would come to see us climbing. I felt satisfied, happy and proud of the Király family’s performance. 🙂 Even my shoulder was happy, cause there were just really few shouldery moves..



During these months, I learnt a lot. Training harder has a lot of advantages, like I can clearly see the result of my work, the progression, it makes me happy. However, everything has a dark side, cause injuries can happen easily and dealing with them is hard. My ankle injury took 2 months to heel, and just right after this shoulder problem is annoying. I am trying to strengthen it with Theraband, and some other exercises, but I am really careful with it. I hope my shoulder is stronger now, and everything will be fine on my trip to Rocklands.

I learnt my lesson: listen to your body, if it’s tired don’t force it, drink enough water, and if injury happen be patient, take your time, let it heal. Respect your body, cause you are not a machine!



Surely, the adventure of the year starts tomorrow! So excited! Budapest-Dubai-Cape Town-Rocklands!

Thank you to my sponsors! 3rd Rock for all my new clothes! I love S/S 15 collection! And Boreal for my new climbing and trail running shoes!


See you Rocklands! Charlie, Tim we are coming!!! XXX


Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground

We went to the Café Kraft in the end of October, for a long weekend. I missed everybody from there a lot. I was so happy to hug Dicki, Alex and my friends once again. I met Ben Rueck, I heard a lot about him. It was fun to climb with him a red problem. So friendly! I am always sad when I leave a place where I found happiness, and I still don’t know when I can go back. Hopefully soon!sports74.rukahovka-serviceКак составить семантическое ядро для сайта

I had a great semester at the uni. I did all my exams. And the practice at the psychiatric department was great with my Nigerian girls. It is such a nice feeling to hear when a suicide patient thanks you to bring some cheer and smile into their lieves. Helping people in need is awesome!

If you remember I had a bet with Charlie, who will make one arm pull up earlier. I won it two days before it turned to 2015. I wasn’t train for it, I just tried how it is. I was in the end of my training plan and I did something I’ve never done before. Good sign!

In January, I started my training plan again, it will end in May. I am really curious about the result, because this time I could start from a higher base than ever.

This year I would like to take part in some serious competitions and spend more time climbing outside. Next summer I’m going to The Rocklands, South Africa with Tibi!!! I’m so excited! I haven’t travelled that far for a really long time. Finally, I will see my friends, Charlie and Tim there! I just can’t wait. I have to sleep 137 nights more..

Until that I continue training, studying and trying to follow my dreams.


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